Hi, I'm Lily

In 1998, Lily’s Cards began with my first line of handmade cards. I remember asking my dad to write the logo on the back of each card, trusting his penmanship more than my own. As a teenager, I started shooting film on his old Pentax K1000 – the same camera he had used in his photography business years earlier. I loved to spend hours playing around with how best to frame an image in order to capture the natural beauty of a scene or an object in real life.

After shooting photos around the globe, and then returning to my island home, I find that these woods and fields, these beaches and ponds, these farmyards and gardens, and the people of Martha’s Vineyard continue to provide me with a limitless bounty of beauty; these are the subjects I most love to capture. I am excited to share this collection of images from Martha’s Vineyard and the world beyond.

Each of my photo cards is assembled by hand here at Fleur de Lis Studios on the island of Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts, using acid free cards and adhesive, with biodegradable plastic sleeves. I hope you enjoy them.

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